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Everyone has feet, & we only have one pair to last a lifetime. Time to take care of your most valuable tool that enables you to step out into the world. Consider having foot care as part of your health, wellness & self-care. 


So you want to be a Foot Care Nurse?  Learn more on what is involved & about the resources at your fingertips! Arlene is the perfect Educator & mentor to make your dream a reality!


Continuing EDUCATION

Be one of the sharpest tools in your foot care toolbox. Consider taking a continuing education workshop, or perhaps attending the IFCN annual footcare conference to learn the latest, & greatest. 

  • Diploma of Nursing (1981)

  • Basic & Advanced Footcare Certificate (2003)

  • Pedicurist Certificate (2003)

  • Footcare Nurse Educator Certificate (2013)

Meet Arlene Van Doorn
R.N., Clinic Owner & Operator,
Advance Foot Care Nurse & Educator


Very few nurses are as passionate as Arlene is about feet!

Arlene's mission is to empower individuals to advocate for themselves in all aspects of their health, including their feet, which is their foundation. Arlene has been a Registered Nurse since 1981 with a varied background of 36 years in acute care nursing, She has worked in areas such as Gerontology, Medical-Surgical units, Orthopedics, Emergency Department, & Outpatient Day Surgery. There was a point in her life that lead her to look for additional ways to bring income into her home; one that would be flexible with shift work, while allowing for some work-life balance with her children. What started as a part time job, grew into a love of feet! 


It was in 2003 she started her foot care journey when she returned to St. Clair College (her alma mater) to become educated in basic & advanced foot care. Initially (2003-2009) she had a part time home-based business', though as her client base grew & grew, she knew it was time to have a brick & mortar stand alone clinic. In 2010 it became a reality. She opened her own foot care clinic, "Arlene's Healthy Heels & More Inc.", and has been the proud owner ever since then. 


Her so-called hobby job of foot care transformed into a fulltime career. It enabled her to retire earlier from hospital nursing, leaving shift work behind her. She realized even more the importance of a work & home life balance, leading her to find happiness being self-employed, & being able to meet her family needs as well (emotionally, mentally, & financially). 

Arlene was not done yet though! Inside of Arlene was the desire to do even more & ensure foot care needs were met by the best standards possible. To do this she wanted to teach & be a leader in the field, & has accomplished this in three ways! First, she hired other foot care nurses & started to mentor them as well. Second, she received her Foot care Educator Certificate from Foot Care Kingston (now know as Foot Canada Training). And thirdly, she created/founded the IFCN ~ International Foot Care for Nurses Conference and created her first of what was to become an annual foot care conference in Windsor, ON. For 5 years she held a conference, until Covid called a halt, or perhaps a break. Well, she is in motion again, and she is resuming her annual conference in October of 2023.  She is also moving the IFCN into a larger role and calling it the International Foot Care Network, having realized how her scope has expanded. Arlene has started to teach on a regular basis, and is now offering not only the practicum/clinical aspect of the foot care course, she is offering workshops to advance the foot care nurses' knowledge and skill beyond the basics. She is an inspiration to the profession. 

Arlene also had found the time to be active with various professional associations, such as the RNAO and CAFCN. And though she is a member in good standing with both, she has gone beyond that by taking an active role as a member. She has been a committee member for the conferences, and she has held one of the advisory roles for Ontario with the CAFCN for 2 years. When they reached out for help, Arlene has answered the call to lend her expertise. She has also been a speaker for various footcare conferences or events in Ontario, as well as Canada. Locally she has sat on a committee within our Healthcare sector to provide expert knowledge & practice for other healthcare professionals in Southwestern Ontario related to wound care and diabetic foot care. 


Arlene is the Foot Care expert you want on your team, in your network, as your colleague, and/or as your foot care specialist!
Her passion is 'feet.'  

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Taking care of your feet & self! 

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