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About our Foot Care Clinic

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Arlene's Healthy Heels Foot Care Clinic is located in Windsor, ON at the Greenwood Centre, just off E.C. Rowe at Central Avenue. Healthy Heels is a place where we welcome you like family whether you are an individual receiving personalized foot care, or a healthcare professional learn learning our pioneered foot care techniques. 


We specialize in complete foot care for individuals who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular / arterial disease, & suppressed autoimmune system disorders. This may be known also as a Medical Foot Care treatment. We treat calluses, corns, mild ingrown and Ram's Horn nails. When a referral is required we can direct you to a local professional who we have worked with before. 

You may be concerned that your toes and feet may be beyond help, we feel nasty, problematic issues in tissues are always a challenge, though also very rewarding to work on. We understand healthy feet are key to a part of a healthy life. Experience, compassion, and ongoing education allow our professionals to truly understand foot care needs, which allow us to implement effective, and at times creative solutions!

Providing you with the best Foot Care Nurses for the best care:
Meet Arlene's Team of Advanced Foot Care Nurses & Support Staff!

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Amanda Clark, R.P.N.
FCN since 2021
Online Socializing
Sy Kim, R.P.N.
FCN since 20
2024_Nancy Morand_FCN_edited.jpg
Nancy Morand, R.N.
FCN since 2024
Child Counseling
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Ana Vasquez, R.P.N.
FCN since 20
Karla Vasquez, R.P.N.
FCN since 20
Lianne Siebert, R.N.
FCN since 2024
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    Office Administrators:
  • Jennifer Briand
  • Amanda Drago

Nicolina Vincelli, Client, Windsor, ON  ~  2021

“Cannot say enough good things about this place, its to the highest quality in professionalism, cleanliness, and politeness. Always on time, Arlene is a gem, so happy I found her! She does an excellent job, and is very knowledgeable.
Thank-you for making my feet happy again! :-)"
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