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Foot Care Training - Step 1:



Foot Canada Training - 
Foot Care Nurse
/FCN Theory Course

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Cindy Lazenby, RN

Founder & Director of Nursing

So you want to be a foot care nurse! Or perhaps you are an experienced Foot Care Nurse (FCN) who wishes to update their knowledge and skills. This is where you start, with the first step - doing the Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course. It provides Canadian nurses (NP, RN, RPN, LPN) with 110 hours of self-paced curriculum that meets the 2017 Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN) National Competencies.

The course can be found here - Theory Course. The course follows a comprehensive, advanced and diabetic nursing foot care curriculum. This curriculum is based on current best practice guidelines, evidence-based practice, and national competencies. Students are expected to complete online quizzes and view pre-recorded slide presentations from their work/home computers. 

After successfully completing the FCN Theory course, nurses new to foot care must complete the clinical training in order to work as a Foot Care Nurse in Canada. Nurses who have completed the first step, the FCN Theory course are ready to move to step 2 - their clinical foot care training.

To learn all about this first step, including how to register, and tuition costs, course outline, etc., please click below to to directly to the Foot Canada Training site for complete details. Any questions or concerns about this course must be directed to the Foot Canada Training staff, and not Arlene Van Doorn . Contact info can be found on their website - click below

Visit the website today to learn more!

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